Teachers without Borders Volunteer & Expert Recruitment 2021


We are looking for both distance and in-country volunteer educational professionals to support our work in Finn Church Aid (FCA) country offices in Uganda, Kenya, Cambodia and Palestinian region. 

The task description varies depending on the position. The tasks might include, for example, improving the capacity and pedagogical skills of teachers, career counselors and other actors in the education sector by proving training, mentorship and developing teacher-training materials.

The distance volunteer periods are between 2 to 6 months and begin from spring or summer 2021 onwards. The in-country volunteer periods are 3 to 12 months and take place during late 2021 or early 2022. 

The realization of all in-country volunteer positions depend on the global and local COVID-19 situation. 

More information on open volunteer positions and Terms of References are found on our website: https://www.opettajatilmanrajoja.fi/hae-vapaaehtoiseksi/avoimet-paikat/

What do we expect from our volunteers:

  • Candidates must be over 25 years old
  • A degree in Education or other relevant field and at least 2 years of relevant work experience. Either the degree or the work experience must be completed in the Finnish education sector.
  • Good language skills in written and spoken English (the knowledge of local language is an advantage)
  • International experience, preferably from similar context,   and ability to work in multicultural environment 
  • Good team work and cooperation skills as well as ability to work with various stakeholders
  • Intercultural awareness, openness, flexibility and willingness to learn and adapt to the local context
  • The ability to share pedagogical and professional knowledge in a manner that is suited to the local context
  • Ability to set clearly defined goals and plan activities that are consistent with agreed strategies, and monitor performance against deadlines and milestones
  • Good communication skills
  • Good physical and mental health. The in-country volunteer work usually includes living in and travelling to remote and challenging environments.
  • Strong stress management skills, as well as willingness and ability to work in challenging situations
  • In addition, position specific qualifications that are defined in Terms of Reference

Instructions for applying:

1. Please read the Terms of Reference for each position carefully and choose which positions reflect your competencies the best. You may apply to both distance and in-country volunteer positions (1-3 positions each). List the positions you are applying to in order of preference. The candidates that are interested in acting in both distance and in-country positions may be prioritized.

In the case of Uganda, where there are numerous in-country positions, the selected candidates are positioned into projects and locations based on their competencies.

2. Please fill the application form in English

  • Special skills: please list relevant knowledge for the position(s) applied for, including your experience of international and multicultural working environments, development cooperation, NGO work or volunteer work.
  • This position – Why are you interested? Please place your motivation letter here.
  • Attachments: please prepare the following attachments:
    • Attachment 1: CV
    • Your CV in English. Note that only CVs in English will be taken into consideration
    • Attachment 2: Preferred positions & your availability
    • Please write down the earliest and the last date of your availability for distance and/or in-country volunteering, and whether these dates are flexible.

3. The pre-selected candidates are contacted for an interview. The selections are made based on your application and interview. The interviews are conducted virtually by our staff from Helsinki office as well as from the respective country office. There will also be a short written assignment. You will hear more about the positions during the process.

In-country volunteers: The Teachers without Borders network will organize flights and insurance for the volunteers and reimburse preparation costs, such as travel, visa and vaccinations. A small monthly allowance is paid to cover the local costs during the deployment.

Distance volunteers: TwB experts are paid a small compensation for their work contribution. TwB volunteer positions that require less input are completely on voluntary basis.


22.2.-14.3.2021 Call is open. The call ends on Sunday 14 March at 23.59. 

18.3.-16.4.2021 The pre-selected candidates are contacted and the interviews will be conducted. The interviews will be done virtually.

11.-13.6.2021 The selected candidates for summer and fall attend a training . The training will be organized face to face in Helsinki if the COVID-19 restrictions allow it. The training is free of charge.

Contact information:

Sara Isotalo

Teachers without Borders coordinator 


Suvi Aaltonen

Assistant, International voluntary work


Note. By filling in this application form, you promise to deliver Finn Church Aid your health certificate in case you are selected for in-country position, and you assure that your mental and physical health is suitable for challenging situations. You also assure that the information you have given is sufficient and true.

FCA has zero tolerance concerning aid diversion and illegal actions, and may screen TwB experts and volunteers (i.e., applicants, contractors, suppliers, consultants, etc.) against international lists to ensure due diligence and compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism requirements.

Application period starts: 2021-02-22 10:00Application period ends: 2021-03-14 23:59
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Please keep only one form open when filling out an application!
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The maximum file size is 2048 kB. Allowed file extensions are: rtf, doc, odt, pdf, txt, docx, xls, xlsx. The contents of the file must also match the extension.
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The maximum file size is 2048 kB. Allowed file extensions are: rtf, doc, odt, pdf, txt, docx, xls, xlsx. The contents of the file must also match the extension.
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