Women's Bank Skills Donation Programme (Myanmar)

Destination: Myanmar

Duration: volunteer assignment lasts 30-35 days during three months including three weeks of field work during November - December 2019

Type of Assignment: Mentoring and coaching for women’s collective businesses under Women’s Economic Committees (WECs)

Women’s Bank is supporting Women Socio-Economic Reconstruction Project (WSERP) via Finn Church Aid (FCA) in Myanmar. FCA is the leading agency and Kaw Lah Foundation (KLF) is the implementing partner. KLF aims to contribute to women’s economic and social empowerment so that women become equal and active participants in the sustainable development of their communities. 

Under Women’s Bank Skills Donation, FCA MYACO requests to support women groups’ collective businesses by providing best business practices and up-to-date knowledge of doing business. Collective business development is one of the main components under the present WSERP project. The project, including FCA and KLF project staff and Women Empowerment Committee members, would greatly benefit from a deeper knowledge and accurate shared understanding of the success factors for business development and women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas, particularly in the framework of collective and cooperative business models, and an expert advice in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of existing businesses in the project area. MYACO can also apply this good opportunity to build its capacity in livelihood programming for utilization in other Women’s Bank funded projects under the Right to Livelihood program.

Scope of Work summarized:

The expert is responsible for building the project’s capacity to implement best practices in the area of collective business development as well as identifying the strengths and weaknesses of existing women businesses under WEC. Working closely with FCA and KLF staff and WEC members, the expert will transfer their knowledge of business development to the project team.

  • To review background documents and reports provided by FCA on the WSERP project, Kayin State, and markets of selected products in Myanmar to get an overview of the project and its operating environment.
  • To liaise with FCA Myanmar country office to fine-tune the assignment’s focus, programme, and practical arrangements prior to the visit.

  • To conduct a field visit to project areas in order to have a clear understanding of communities and their economic situations as well as to understand the existing income generation activities such as individual income generating activities (IGAs), collective IGAs and Micro-finance activities as well as the potential markets for their products.

  • To provide technical assistance for ensuring profitability and sustainability of collective businesses. 

  •  To provide advice, guidance, and feedback on current business plans; share their experience and expertise as appropriate; act as a sounding board for ideas and action plans.

  • To identify resources that will help WECs to support collective business development and growth, provide recommendations and new ideas for businesses; encourage WECs to join existing networks and to engage productively with private sector and market actors.

Qualifications of the Expert:

  • Degree in economics and agribusiness, agrology, business management, marketing or other fields of relevant study, or equivalent working experience
  • Proven working experience relating to agribusiness, cooperative business, market research, commerce, marketing management or equivalent
  • Experience in mentoring in the business sector  
  • Market studies and value chain analyses with solid methodological and analytical research skills; consulting or coaching experience is an advantage
  • Ability to produce effective and clear communication in English, both written and verbal
  • Good facilitation and communication skills in cross-cultural settings

How to fill in the application form

  • The language of the volunteer position will be English, please fill in the whole application in English.
  • You can add max. 3 attachments, please add a CV in English. You can also add an optional work case example in English.
  • No references will be needed at this point, you can leave this section empty.

Timeframe of the recruitment process 

The call will close on 24.9.2019

The interviews will be held at the FCA office or in Skype 30.9.-4.10.2019

The selected candidates will have an induction at FCA Helsinki office before deployment in August.


Volunteer assignment:  Ulla Sarasalmi, ulla.sarasalmi(at)kua.fi, +358 50 552 1934

Application process: Sabina Bergholm, sabina.bergholm(at)kua.fi, +358 40 669 3930


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